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We have developed for Axes Software a dedicated module for the PrestaShop platform, which integrates their WMS solution, to be made available to customers.


Integration of the WMS solution with the open source e-commerce platform Presta Shop.

Open Project


Axes Software contacted us to help them integrate their WMS solution with the open source e-commerce platform Presta Shop.

Axes Software is the oldest Romanian company specialized in offering software and hardware solutions to ensure an efficient supply chain management (Supply Chain Management).

Recently, they have developed xTrack WMS software dedicated to managing the activities of companies with warehouses, distribution services, courier, 3PL or production. Thus, it was wanted to achieve a safe and simple method of integration between it and the Presta Shop platform.


The pandemic has accelerated the need for online stores, and e-commerce platforms are a safe alternative to creating an online shop from scratch.

Our solution was a stable module, installable on the platform, a natural extension for any Presta Shop user, but which can be combined naturally with the xTrackWMS management software.

How does it works?

The module is related to the software and communicates with it constantly to make everything as smooth as possible. Communication has several main directions:
The products are taken over from the e-commerce platform, and after a purchase the order is transmitted in real time by the module in the WMS system. Then there are status updates and AWB which are automatically added to the account of the customer who made the purchase.

In the online world, security is paramount, so we secured the communication through a token that generates itself when the mode is installed, and when the account is activated, the token is sent to the WMS software.


The proposed module is easy to use, intuitive and has had the desired effect. Axes Software has proposed that we continue to develop this solution for other popular e-commerce platforms such as Woocomerce, Opencart or Magento.


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We have complete services, from PHP solutions customized to the needs of your business, to the most popular CMSs.