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We developed an inspirational Sephora blog that respects the design elements of the brand, but also the usability requirements.


Streamlining the process of purchasing products directly from the platform

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Sephora Romania contacted us to develop a blog that would be both a source of useful information and an opportunity to promote certain products.

The blog should be a place where you can always find interesting things, but also be SEO friendly according to the requirements of the agency with which Sephora collaborates.

Among the main requirements of the site were the visual appeal created by the design, captivating content and streamlining the process of buying products directly from the site without any further steps.


We developed a Sephora inspirational blog ( that respects the design elements of the brand, but also the usability requirements. Then I proposed a widget that can be easily added anywhere inside the article. The widget has the ability to feature selected products directly from the Sephora e-commerce site.

How does it work?

The Sephora blog is a source of information and advice, and the ability to purchase products directly from the blog will become an action that comes naturally. Our proposal was to add the products dynamically, directly from the ecommerce site, but without being complicated at all.

When creating or editing any blog post, you can add our widget. This is done very simply and intuitively, by selecting a button in the article, and then adding the product codes and the title.

The whole process had to go smoothly so I optimized accessing the feed to be done directly from the ecommerce site. Thus, we take daily in the database the product information such as name, brand, image, price and link to the product.


The blog is in the process of being live, but the tests show that everything looks and works great.

With a design close to the brand, the blog attracts Sephora fans who will be able to easily and intuitively purchase the products that match the information in the article.

If it weren’t for the widget, every time you upload, the whole file would be downloaded to extract the information from the e-commerce feed, and that would make the whole process difficult. Thus, the proposed solution managed, by displaying the products directly from the database, to decrease the number of accesses of the feed, managing to generate a natural and fluid experience of display and purchase.


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We have complete services, from PHP solutions customized to the needs of your business, to the most popular CMSs.